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    Getac Precision Technology (Changshu) Co., Ltd
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    Mg & Al
    ???????? Unlike most die-casting manufacturers, GCS has, since the beginning, been focusing on magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy material applications, emphasizing on developing lightweight and recyclable trend for the automotive industry in the future, which will better support the subjects of energy saving, carbon reduction and environmental protection:
    Lightweight construction
    As lighter weight structure provides an effective means to reduce vehicle weight, and weight reduction offers an optimal means in cutting down fuel consumption and reducing exhaust pollution, a 10% reduction in car weight cuts down 7% of fuel consumption, helping to lower the fuel consumption and air pollution.
    Magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy
    Magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy can all be recycled for melting, extraction and reuse to meet advanced world countries’ constant emphasis on environmental conservation demands in recent years, helping to improve car scrap recycling and reuse issues.