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    Getac Precision Technology (Changshu) Co., Ltd
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    Plastic Parts
    ??????? We have years of experience manufacturing automotive plastic parts and components, and working closely with a number of leading Japanese auto brands.
    ??????? We group our automotive plastic parts and components into “internal” and “external” parts.
    ??"Internal parts"
    Fall under automotive internal structural parts. As they are located in unseen areas, function is far more important than appearance.
    ??"External parts"
    Require high levels of refined appearance, and are mostly produced using the RHCM (Rapid heat-cycle molding) process for high glossy surface and seamless features. When coordinated with plastic reins with a higher hardness these parts may skip surface coating once molded, thus helping to reduce the cost.
    ??????? In addition, we also offer a range of surface treatment craftsmanship, which can be coordinated to customer requirements, as we aim to offer a one-stop mode to servicing our discerning customers.

    ??????? We welcome all inquires or questions that you might have. Please contact us via our e-mail at auto.service@getacauto.com.cn

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